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The Perfect Travel Vlogging Kit

Sure there are a number of vloggers crazy enough to carry around four suitcases worth of camera gear for the perfect Instagram shot, but you can get really close to professional quality with some really travel friendly gear.

Pretty much everything on this you can fit in your pocket…at the same time.

This is an extensive kit that would allow you to get just about any shot your after.

#1 DJI Osmo Pocket

Literally announced the same day as this post, this is the first "point & shoot" size camera to include two key vlogging features. A "selfie" screen, and a microphone input jack!

DJI is already known for their fantastic cameras and the Osmo Pocket seems to be no exception.

This is a very exciting product that will serve as an extremely versatile tool while travelling. It's so versatile you could manage without many of the other items on this if you had one.

Hopefully this means we will see a similar product in the future with the new Mavic 2 cameras. Hello Osmo Mavic Zoom?

    #2 DJI Mavic Air

    While we are on the DJI train, let stop off at their perfect travel drone, the Mavic Air. The Mavic Air is a beast of a drone given its size and is oh so compact.

    I started out with a DJI Spark and while that drone too is amazing, it was short a few features that managed to make it into the Mavic Air. What features? 3-axis image stabilization for starts. The 2-axis in the Spark is ok but resulted in some jumpy panning shots. The Air is a lot smoother. Other key features the Mavic has over the Spark are ND filter threads (an absolute must for sunny tropical days), longer battery life, and more stability. The last one is very noticeable. The Spark can get a little squirrely around obstacles.

    One last piece of advice, go for the fly more kit the extra batteries are definitely worth packing with you.

      #3 GoPro Hero 7

      If you haven't heard about the beast that is the GoPro Hero 7 you need to go YouTube it right now.

      I was always a fan of the $60 knock off action cameras. They worked just as well as the GoPros. That is, until the Hero 7 launched.

      The Hero 7 has some absolutely incredible features that will make for the best steady action footage for your travel vlogs.

        #4 Google Pixel 3

        I could have said iPhone X, but I'm just not the apple fan boy I used to be. In the Android realm, the Pixel 3 is the king of camera phones.

        The camera features of the Pixel 3 are nothing short of incredible. Many of the results you get with this phone's camera can go toe to toe with professional grade cameras.

        Put a full frame mirror-less image right next to a Pixel 3 image and you might notice a few small differences. On it's own you'd be hard pressed to know that amazing beach shot was taken with a smartphone.

          #5 Peak Design Travel Backpack

          You could fit every gadget on this list in your pockets, but that wouldn't leave much room for the rest of your essentials like that spare shirt and underwear your mom begged you to pack with you.

          Touted as the travel backpack to end all travel backpacks, Peak Design has out done themselves. This backpack has more features than you could possibly imagine, and they are all done perfectly. I've never come across a backpack with this level of detail.

          People look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them I'm willing to drop $300+ on a backpack, but bag people know. Having a bag like this is worth every penny.

            #6 GoPro Super Suit with Red Filter

            These used to come with the GoPro, but in an effort to get the cost down, they did away with them. For any sort of scuba adventures in your vlogs, you're going to want to have one.

            Opt for the red filter too. That red filter will take your murky greenish tinted videos and turn them into a scene from The Little Mermaid.

              #7 Lume Cube Lights

              All of the cameras on this list have small sensors which makes good lighting all the more important.

              Lume Cube has established themselves as the best in the business for size and versatility.

              They are also dive proof, so even in dark murky scuba adventures, these cubes will light up your underwater selfies.

              They are so small and useful, you're going to want at least a couple of them stuffed away in your bag.

                #8 Godox LEDM32 Light

                While the Lume Cubes are great for a seemingly endless number of applications, I still recommend one of these little guys.

                The Godox selfie light is a little clip on light for on the run vlogging at night. Your phone selfies will quickly go from horrendous to manageable.

                  #9 Joby GorillaPod

                  No one is going to want to lug around a giant tripod through the jungle. The GorillaPod is a nice substitute with bendy legs that make it great for wrapping around branches or any number of ingenious applications.

                  Watch any vlogger's videos and you are guaranteed to see one these hanging around.

                    #10 GoPro Audio Adapter

                    Audio can often make or break your vlog. I find the GoPro internal mic like most small camera mics to be hit or miss. Ensure you get more consistent audio with a dedicated microphone.

                    I might have said skip this mic adapter and opt for the one for the Osmo, but at this time it's not out yet. Weather you make the Osmo or your GoPro your go to vlogging rig, you're going to want to get a mic adapter.

                      #11 Edutige ETM-001 Microphone

                      This little microphone will blow you away! It obviously doesn't have powered filters or any of the other stuff you might find in a Rode mic, but look how freaking tiny this thing is!

                      I use one with the combination of a right angle adapter and I have been thoroughly impressed with my results.

                      Get an audio extension cable and a TRRS to TRS adapter and you'd have yourself a nice little lav mic too.

                        #12 Moment Phone Lenses

                        When you want your camera kit to have a little more range, the moment lenses for your Pixel phone are what you need.

                        These amazing crafted, loose them in your pocket, pieces of glass can help you get the look you were after or never realized a phone could get.


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