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The Real Hawaiian Story


When you think of Hawaii what do you think of?

Are you thinking about a vacation getaway?

Is it hula girls and sandy beaches?

Sam Potter grew up in Hawaii.

In this video he shows us the other side of Hawaii.

The side that doesn’t get recognized in the media.

Sam works to explain the history of Hawaii and how that culture continues to influence the island.

The Hawaiian natives have gone through immense hardship.

You would expect the locals to have nothing but animosity for the people who have moved on to their island.

But that isn’t the case for many.

If you learn to live with the Hawaiian values, the natives welcome you.

Sam shows us there is so much more than tourism going on in Hawaii.

Hawaii is a place the rest of America can look to for guidance on living a sustainable life.

Hawaii is rated the happiest state in the USA.

Maybe it’s time we start looking at Hawaii a little less as the vacation hotspot and a little more as the example of living we are all after.

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