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The World's Best Drone Video


Drones exploded on to the market a few years ago.

Every photographer and videographer bought one.



They’re flooded with cinematic drone shots.

Every creator uses them.

Drone shots in a video are almost expected these days.

Unfortunately, the perspective has already started to get stale.

That was until people like Johnny FPV and Sam Kolder decided to mix cinematic drone photography with FPV racing drones.

They’re a part of a revolutionary leap in aerial video.

The sort of shots you see in the video above are not done with your typical DJI Mavic drone.

DJI drones don’t work for a number of reasons.

  • The auto pilot features restrict maneuverability.
  • The camera feeds are too slow for the pilots to react.
  • Their weight and form make them to heavy to sling around.

FPV drones are a whole other animal

The  drone is stripped down to the frame and a few circuit boards.

Live video is fed directly into a pilot’s FPV goggles.

There’s no safety switches, no automatic controls.

If the pilot lets go of the controls the drone falls out of the sky.

They have to be fully in the moment the entire time they fly.

There are pilots who can whip a drone around some buildings, but only a handful can do it as smooth and precise as Johnny FPV.

This video is an absolute must watch.

It’s the prime example of what FPV cinematic flying can be.

There are only a few truly amazing FPV drone videos online right now and this one sits above them all.

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