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There's A New Challenge Going Around And This One Is Amazeba

The new global challenge known as #TrashTag is reaching world wide fame and it’s challenge everyone should be getting around.

Started by outdoor gear company UCO several years ago, their campaign has picked up some real speed recently.

Pictures from around the world are popping up showing people participating in the challenge.

So what is the challenge?

Well if you can’t guess from it’s name, the challenge is for people to go out and clean up after ourselves and others.

People have interpreted this in several ways, all good.

It goes to show how much people do care.

Indonesia is a place with one of the worst pollution problems on the planet, but I saw locals out on the beach cleaning up every day.

I guess the only question to ask is, will you take up the challenge?

Check out below to see some of the amazing efforts people have made around the world to make this planet a more beautiful place to explore.


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