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There's a Skill Focused Travel Agency Worth Checking Out

For people looking to go all in on a skill focused travel trip, this is maybe not your jam.

But for people looking to dip their toe in…

 I found a great business for you to check out.

Not all of us are willing to take the leap into longer travel to perfect a skill.

We still want to gain experience.

We want to come out of our vacations having grown a bit.

GOLEARNTO is the perfect answer to what we seek.

GoLearnTo is a travel agency focused on creating short trips in destinations around the world.

You’ll learn a new skill during your stay.

The average trip is somewhere in the range of 4-8 days.

That might not be enough to perfect a skill.

But, It could be enough time to rekindle an old passion.

Or, enough to spark a new one.

4-8 days is the ideal length for those with limited time.

You’re looking for more of an educational vacation experience.

Not an all out expedition.

They have a number of intriguing classes.

How about surf lessons in Morocco?

Would painting classes in France be more your speed?

You’ve always wanted to sail.

 Australia would be the perfect escape to finally learn.

You’re all set up

GoLearnTo has done all the research and heavy lifting.

They’ve gone out and found local teachers around the world.

They’ve made deals with hotels and home-stays.

They set your itinerary.

With the exception of transportation your trip is ready for you.

If you have some vacation time stowed away, go check out GoLearnTo and see if one of their many programs sparks your interest.

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