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This Island Is Being Rebuilt For Digital Nomads

The island of Arranmore has been losing population for the last 150 years.

The population is now less than 500.

People moved from the northern Irish island to the mainland and towards bigger cities like London.

Arranmore needed to do something to reverse the trend.

And so they have.

Arranmore has been investing in some serious infrastructure.

This tiny island now has internet connections to rival the best cities.

It has all been in an effort to attract digital nomads.

It’s already working.

There are a number of digital marketers, game designers, and developers living on the island.

Local’s who’ve moved away have wished for a good reason to move back.

They all speak to the beauty of the island and the community within it.

Several natives have already begun plans to move back.

But that’s not enough for the community council.

They want to see the island flourish from more than friends who left.

They have sent out an open invitation to all digital nomads.

The council is marketing themselves as a place for digital nomads who want to get away from it all and live in a place marked for it’s beauty and tranquility.

I don’t know if this is all enough for digital nomads to move out to the island.

There is a lot more than stable internet attracting digital nomads to other places.

What Arranmore is doing now is a great first step but they have a long road ahead of them.

The island needs to also focus on blending their traditional culture with modern values.

The solid WiFi was enough to get digital nomad’s attention, but what is going to really sell the island?

We need more.

It would be great if the council started a YouTube channel to show what life on the island can be.

We need to see how hard it is to get on and off the island and around the world.

The second part of digital nomad is the word Nomad.

One of the biggest draws to being a digital nomad in places like Western Europe, South East Asia, and even America is the access to the rest of the world.  

We need to know we can be connected more than just digitaly.

We want to be connected physically to the community around us as well as the rest of the world.

The island wants more people but if it gets its wish, can it sustain it?

Sustainability is a high priority for modern nomads.

We want to live in place where we can feel comfortable but also not feel like a threat to the ecosystem around us.

How is the island sourcing its power?

What are their plans for waste management.

If Arranmore was able to market their community as an eco-conscious place with zero carbon footprint, they’ll start getting a lot more attention.

This island is definitely moving in the right direction and we will be paying attention to see how this island develops in the near future.

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