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This Young Cambodian Speaks Over A Dozen Languages


Thuch Salik speaks more than a dozen languages.

He is from a poor family in Cambodia, but he hasn’t let that slow him down in his pursuit of knowledge.

Thuch goes to school every day and has taken his studies beyond the classroom to learn multiple languages.

He used to spend his afternoons selling trinkets to tourists, but after gaining some fain for his polygotism, he received multiple donations and no longer needs to work.

That’s right.

Thuch is a full time student.

It’s a real rarity for poor children in countries like Cambodia.

Many children are forced to work at a young age.

Next time your in a tourist spot, be weary of giving money to young kids for trinkets.

They’re often forced to give this money up to older businessmen.

Instead offer donations like school materials, food, or even a friendly conversation.

The opportunity to practice English is highly valuable for youngsters around the world.

It opens them up to higher paying opportunities in the future.

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