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Travel Hack: Get All Your Liquids For Free While Backpacking

The 3oz rule at airports can be a real drag.

Going to the beach for a couple weeks?

You’re going to need more than 3oz of suntan lotion.

And then there’s all the other liquids you’ll need for your trip

  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Bodywash
  • Shampoo

You don’t need to buy any of these before your trip.

You could buy them as soon as you arrive.

You’ll likely pay a premium in a tourist town.

You’ll also be wasting valuable travel time shopping for basic essentials.

Experienced backpackers know though they can get all of these items and more for free.

Other backpackers are going to buy these items anyway.

They’ll always have more than they need.

What they don’t use, they’ll have to ditch before their flight home or to their next destination.

This is your chance to get everything you need for free.

Some hostels even have a box for free stuff.

If not you can usually spot travelers ditching this stuff on their bunks when they move out.

If someone has checked out and left things on their bed, it’s up for grabs.

It’s not just about scoring free stuff.

All these items usually come in plastic bottles.

By scoring these half used bottles you’re reducing the waste you’d have created by buying your own bottles.

In Hue, Vietnam, I spotted a big half liter bottle of suntan lotion someone left behind.

It was almost full.

I told a few other backpackers about it and we divided it up among ourselves.

Even split three ways I had enough suntan lotion to last me a couple months.

Suntan lotion is expensive in Asia.

That 500ml bottle sells for $50-60.

On your next adventure don’t worry about buying liquids.

Score them at your hostel stay for free.

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