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Travel Hack: Leave Your Gear With The Hotel

How much gear do you travel with?

Are you a one backpack renegade?

Do you go with the more common two pack setup?

Or maybe you travel with a lot more to support your Instagram fashionista influencer lifestyle.

Regardless, you probably don’t enjoy lugging that gear around.

I went with a single backpack to Thailand, but that pack was big and heavy.

I hated throwing it on my back.

My body felt crushed after walking around for more than an hour.

Even one massive bag can be cumbersome on many adventures.

You dragged your gear half way around the world, but you won’t want to take it all with you on every adventure.

On that trip in Thailand I really wanted to explore the Mae Hong Son Loop.

The loop is a multi day road trip across Thailand’s most scenic northern region.

It’s loaded with hairpin turns and scenic overlooks.

It’s a motorcyclist’s dream.

Lugging my massive backpack around was only going to slow things down.

The motorbikes in Thailand are small.

A large bag really cramps the experience.

The added weight also wrecks havoc on the bike’s performance.

I decided to ditch the big backpack for the week.

I separated only the gear I needed for the week, and tossed it in a foldable day pack I had with me.

The hostel I was staying at seemed trustworthy.

I asked if I could leave the rest of my gear with them until I returned.

Of course they said yes.

I got to enjoy ripping through Northern Thailand unencumbered.

My back and my bike felt light as a feather through the whole trip.

I also got to do things I normally wouldn’t have.

A couple scenic overlooks had hiking trails.

I parked my bike and immediately took off.

I had no gear strapped to my bike to worry about.

Just a small bag on my back.

The lighter load allowed me to be more aggressive in where I went.

I didn’t have to keep track of so much stuff.

Exploring was easier.

On the smaller trips that make up a larger expedition you don’t need every piece of gear in your kit.

So shed it.

Leave your gear with the hostel or hotel you’re staying at.

You can also leave it somewhere you’re going to stay at

Of course make sure to feel the place out before you ask.

You want to make sure you’re staying at a friendly trustworthy place.

Most places will always say yes because it means gaining your business in the near future.

When I returned from the Mae Hong Son Loop I stayed another three days at the same hostel.

No adventure should seem out of reach because of the gear you have with you.

A few tips when leaving your gear:

#1 Use a lock

Just to be a little on the safe side.

 Get a good quality lock and keep your bag secure.

#2 Leave your info on the bag

If a staff member forgets why the bag is there, leave your name and WhatsApp number attached to the bag.

A quick text can solve any confusion.

#3 Thank your host and stay at least one night

It would be rude to not stay with a place that did you the kindness of watching your stuff.

Stay at least one night.

I also leave a good review.

Take the time to make it an extra special one when a place goes above and beyond.

#4 Be respectful

If a place says no, don’t sweat it.

They don’t see the advantage of your business.

There are plenty of other places.

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