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Travel Hack Of The Week: Backpacker's Lantern

Our phones made a dimply lit path on the crumbling road.  

I could barely make out the shadows of the jungle around us.  

My friend leaned in behind me, “How much further?”

“Almost there!”

We rocked our way to the waterfall.

And by rocked I mean literally rocked.

Another friend ahead of us was blaring Motley Crew from the Jukebox around his neck.

A few minutes later, we made it to the stream.  

I could hear the waterfall just around the corner.

We sat down on some mossy rocks by the stream and cracked open the beers we brought with us.

One of the guys in the group pointed his phone lamp directly in my face.

“Ahhh what are you doing?”

He turned it off.


We sat there talking in complete darkness.

It was sort of like talking to the wind.

I could hear my friends but I couldn’t see them.

I heard my friend reach for the shopping bag we carried the beers up in.

He turned his phone lamp on, and stuck it in the bag.

“There isn’t anymore beer in there”

“I’m not looking for beer”

With his phone still in the bag, he flipped it over and set it on a nearby rock.

The phone light turned the bag into the perfect glowing lamp.

It was enough to make out everyone’s faces.

I could even make out the jungle canopy overhead.

I looked over to my friend, “Brilliant!”


The Backpacker’s Lantern

When deciding on what to bring in my pack, I decided to forgo a flashlight. 

I figured my phone would work most of the time and it did, but out in the jungle there were a few times I wish I had a lamp. 

The backpacker’s lamp is the perfect travel hack for a makeshift lamp on the fly.  

Just take a shopping bag, preferably white and place your phone inside with the lamp on.

The light will diffuse through the plastic and generate a soft glow that’s bright enough to illuminate a room.

It’s usually not enough to attract a significant amount of bugs so it really is a great little trick.

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