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Travel Hack Of The Week: Bra Straps For The Win

As a guy I always carry a pair of bra straps while travelling.

Before your mind heads straight for the gutter, let me explain.

I keep a pair of bra straps to add support to my shoes.  Flip flops are standard issue while travelling through hot climates.  The problem with flip flops is the lack of support they offer.  I could pack a pair of Israeli style sandals, but I prefer the convenience of my flops.

I could pack both, but shoes are heavy.  The less shoes I can travel with, the better.

That’s where the bra strap comes in.

I use bra straps to create a make shift heel support on my flip flops.

Just how effective is this technique.  Check out the photos below of me canyoning through Vietnam.  River Canyoning is a pretty demanding task and at no time did I feel compromised with my make shift heel straps.

Repelling down a canyon wall

Repelling down a canyon wall in a pair of flip flops.  Just another walk in the park.

Jumping off a cliff with my shoe hack.  No lost shoes for me.

To get a better idea of what exactly I do to set up my flip flops with bra straps, watch this clip below from one of my vlog posts.

Captured By Somali Pirates

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