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Travel Hack Of The Week: Locking S-Biner

Travel is often much safer than life at home, but there are still risks.

Many risks can be reduced or eliminated.

One of the easiest travel risks to mitigate is pick pockets.

Thieves prey on easy targets.

With a little ingenuity you can make your self a challenging target.

A common method thieves use to get at your stuff is to wait until you’re distracted, come up behind you, and unzip your bag.

They’ll snatch whatever they can quickly grab and be gone before you realize it.

To keep zipper thieves away from my belongings, I use a locking carabiner.

There are a number of creatively built locking carabiners on the market.

I use one called The Nite Ize S-biner Slidelock.

The locking mechanism on this carabiner is a simple flip over friction lock, but isn’t obvious to the unsuspecting predator.

The carabiner also has an unusual look and this is also enough to ward someone off.

They are looking for familiar easy targets.

Although this carabiner looks intimidating, once you know how to unlock it, it’s pretty simple.

I don’t loose much convenience in terms of being able to get in and out of my bag all day long.

There are more secure options like a padlock, but for a balance of convenience and security, I prefer the Nite Ize S-Carabiner Slidelock.

Check out this video to see exactly how I put this carabiner in action.

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