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Travel Hack Of The Week: Ultralight Travelling Gym

Working out while on the road can be a real challenge.

Even if you fight the mental resistance of not being active on your trip, finding access gym equipment can be a real challenge.

It’s true some gyms in tourist areas are happy to sell you day passes, but in my experience they are expensive.

I’ve come across a number of gyms that charge day rates as high as $20.

It’s easy to pass on a single workout when it costs that much.

Instead I travel with my own gym equipment.

Not the gym equipment you might see at your local LA Fitness.

My gym equipment is the lightest part of my travel gear.

They’re called Therabands.

These elastic bands are ultralight and small enough to fit in a pocket.

They come in varying resistance levels and are sold by the roll.

My chiropractor hooked me up with two 2 meter long pieces.

I can usually rock out a pretty productive workout in ten minutes that hits all muscles with these bands.

Here’s an example of what a workout looks like with Therabands.

They’re so convenient, I’ve used them anywhere from hotel rooms, to hostel room floors, and even on the beach.

Get your own Therabands here.

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