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Travel Hack: When You Lost Your Sim Card Key

After months of travelling, I have a sizable collection of sim cards for my phone.

I have to swap cards at each boarder crossing.

I’ve managed to keep track of all those tiny cards.

But I always lose the sim card ejector tool.

It’s the little metal pin used to access the sim card slot in a cellphone.

I lose them all the time.

I’ve seen a few places mention alternative tools that don’t work.

Maybe my phone (Samsung) has a smaller sim card hole than other phones.

Some tools I’ve tried that don’t work:

  • Toothpick
  • staple
  • paperclip
  • mechanical pencil led

I have found two alternatives that work great.

They can easily be found while travelling.

They’re guaranteed to work.

#1 Tailors Pin

There are tailors all over the world.
In Asia there's a tailor on every block in the cities.
Walk in and ask for a pin.
Most places are willing to give you one for free.
I see them lying on the floor around tailor shops often enough too.
This is my go to tool.
I keep one in my backpack but when I lose it I go get another.


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