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Travelgrammer Of The Week: Jackson Groves

This week’s travel Instagrammer is Jackson Groves.

Jackson is a young backpacker who started a growing movement known as The Adventure Bag Crew.

With a small budget and modest goals Jackson set out on a backpacking trip.

He had hopes of sparking a small journalism career.

That career has since grown into something a lot larger.

One of his coolest achievements caught my attention.

It was his group, The Adventure Bag Crew.

With each adventure Jackson takes on, he collects a bag of trash to leave the area a little more pristine than when he arrived.

The trend has caught on.

Now hundreds of people have taken up the challenge.

This isn’t just some idea Jackson had and moved on from.

Many of his Instagram posts show his efforts to clean up the world around him.







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    “Nobody knows what the fuck they are doing” ✌🏽 It’s been my favorite quote for years and still is. When I was in school I used to look at businessman and adults and think damn they just had it all figured out. I thought wow I’ve got a lot to learn. I guess I looked at these professionals in their respective fields and saw certainty and this high level of confidence within them. I put them on a pedestal. They had life figured out. I even studied a year of commerce at university. As I grew older and experienced more, met professionals and actually people from all walks of life, nationalities, cultures and religions I realized one thing. None of them really know what the fuck is going on. They all have their own personal problems be it big or small. They might know why they wanted to become an accountant or what inspired them to become a doctor or a teacher or a photographer. But no one knows the meaning to life, what the purpose is or what their mission is all about. Half of them had all these issues they hid behind the facade. I strangely took comfort in the realization that these seemingly confident, successful people were actually just doing the best they could but they didn’t have the answers to the big questions either. No one does. We’re all just here getting through it as best we can. Some people are just better at making it look like they have it all together. So remember, the next time you feel small or especially when someone makes you feel small... they don’t what the fuck they’re doing here either ✌🏽 Be bold no matter what you’re told.

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