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Travelgrammer Of The Week: Karl Shakur

This week’s traveling Instagrammer is Karl Shakur.

This Kansas native photographer has a knack for creating larger than life imagery. His more popular shots pose his subject (often himself) in a hero’s pose that makes for some really exhilarating images.

More recently Karl has been getting into YouTube and I’m glad he has. His personality it too bright to sit quietly behind the camera. Of the few videos he has posted at this time, my personal favorite is his recount of his experience with a total stranger and their generosity.

To see the video I am talking about, do a search on YouTube for “Karl Shakur most insane travel experience.”





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    • •🕺🏾⛰✨• Sunrise Strolls • Important words - Please read I think my favorite thing about traveling in this day and age is that it’s such a collaborative process. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been spending time with other creatives that inspire me. @Silkymerman (who snagged these shots) sacrificed his whole weekend to run around the beautiful island of Oahu in the hopes that we could find good waves and even better vibes. Spoiler alert, my thighs are way to thicc (with two c’s) for the coordination to catch any waves. @nolanomura rushed across the island after his last exam of the year to help realize one of my most favorite shots of the year (I’ll be sharing on the last day of the year) @vincelimphoto , @jessicafang and @jasonjko broke their schedules to show me around their favorite stomping grounds even though they had to wake up at 2am. I’m currently snoozing on @captainpotter‘s spare bed while adventuring around his home island. (Yesterday he made the most delicious cheesy pasta that left me in a food coma) And @thewandertravels flew across the islands to be the adventure buddy along every step of the way. I guess all I’m really trying to say is that I’m most definitely feeling the Mana. The spirit of Aloha and friendliness on these islands is so positively overwhelming. Hawaii has easily become one of my favorite places on planet earth. Thanks so much for the positive energy friends. Can’t wait to visit you again. Aloha My Dear Friends !!

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