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Traveling Broke. The Right Way.


I didn’t want to be here.

A group on their gap year convinced me to hang out with them for the day.

Reluctantly I agreed and ended up in the part of Bangkok I despise.

The endless stalls of scorpions on a stick and bar promoters trying to push you into their establishment meant I could only be in one place.

I was on Khosan Road.

Honestly there are good times to be had in this place.

If you can ignore the obnoxious souvenir stands and smell of stale beer, the area is great for people watching.

But there is one thing I see every now and then on Khosan Road that drives me up a wall.


These travelling gypsy hipsters have the nerve to ask locals and other tourists for money to support their backpacking lifestyle.

A lifestyle most people in the world can’t even dream of achieving.

It’s cute when the local kid runs up to me and tries to sell me on a hand made bracelet.

It’s not when it’s the american on vacation.

Travelling cheap isn’t a terrible act.

There is something to be admired for being thrifty.

But begging, especially when you have access to jobs that pay in a day what someone in this country makes in a month, is vile.

In this video above, Tomislav explores how to travel as cheaply as possible.  

He comes close to crossing my line when he discusses busking.

Honestly busking is a grey area.

Do you deserve compensation for performing on the streets?

In some cases yes, but in most you’re probably no better than the begpackers.

I do admire the rest of his journey.

He uses tactics like hitch hiking, working temp jobs, and volunteering in exchange for room and board.

Tomislav explains the highs and lows of this lifestyle and you’ll learn a lot about what it takes to travel on dollars a day.

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