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Travelling The World On Red Bull And Couch Surfing

In another episode of The James Finn Podcast, we met up with rising YouTube creator Steve Yalo.

In this episode Steve takes a deep dive into his Red Bull Adventure where he traveled all across Europe using nothing but the kindness of strangers, and Red Bull to fuel his trip.

This became a pivotal moment in Steve’s life where he realized he could accomplish anything.
With the fire lit, Steve was able to use his Red Bull experience and a small internship with an influencer media company to spark a career as a travelling YouTube creator.
Now on the road for over two years, Steve continues to grow his career as he explores new places and meets up with other traveling creators in the industry.
Steve is also an experienced couch surfing veteran.
I have always been interested in trying it out but have never found a comfortable way to do it.
Steve let me in on a new couch surfing sponsored activity that makes it really easy to try out couch surfing without the intimidating leap of sleeping in a stranger’s house or vice versa.
If you have been interested in couch surfing but have never actually done it, there are some great tips in this episode to help you make the leap.

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