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Ultimate Gift Guide For Travelers

This guide is filled with my favorite items I have searched over the last year for.

They are some of the most desirable items for travelling content creators and minimalist travelers.

Most of the gear on this list I have bought, used, and validated myself as a valuable part of kit.

#1 Ably Jamison 180 Shirt

Ably has some straight wizardry going around with their clothes. Staining liquids roll right off. They repel odors, and they're fast drying.

I have loved their shirts before, but now have a reason to fall in love all over again.

Ably just released their 180 line. Same great tech but in a beefier design. They're shirts were great but when travelling for months on end, they get threadbare. The new 180 line should last a lot longer.

    #2 Anker

    Anker has become a trusted name in battery charging tech. The newest power bank the 20000 essential, is the technical traveler's best friend. The latest rapid charging tech in a beefy monster brick designed to keep you going all day and the next.

      #4 AOKA Travel Tripod

      The best travel tripod out there if you shoot on anything smaller than full frame. This ultralight and ultra compact tripod comes in at the right price with the right features.

      Not a lot is known about the AOKA tripod, but after picking one up myself, I am sold. There is a lot of talk about the Peak Design travel tripod. That tripod is great if your going out there with big gear, but with smaller DSLR and mirrorless cameras, the AOKA is a must have!

      I'll have a review coming out soon, but rest assured, this is a great buy.

        #6 Epic Gadget Passport Wallet

        While travelling, your passport is the most important part of your kit. It's your access to the world. It's worth protecting. There are lots of big clunky passport portfolios and wallets, but I prefer something more minimalist like the Epic Gadget.

        Just the right size.

          #8 Bra Straps?

          Bra Straps? Really? Why?
          I'll tell you why. These straps are the perfect way to turn a flip flop into a full supported all terrain machine.

          To see what I mean, check out the link below. I brought a set of these with me (I'm a dude) to the jungles of Asia and these things made all the difference in the world.

          Plus the face your travelling friend will make when they unwrap these will be priceless.

            #9 Hydrapak Resevoir

            Hydration often gets overlooked, but it can make or break any trip. This 3L Hydrapak Seeker rolls up small when not needed, but carry's enough water for an all day adventure.

            It also has tether points to strap this to the outside of a pak.

            While I have a smaller bottle for my everyday carry, I break out my Hydrapak for days when clean water isn't certain.

              #10 Garmin inReach Mini

              I had the originial inReach and it brought myself and my family great peace of mind. Garmin has since come out with the mini and I'm looking forward to the upgrade. Almost all the great features of the bigger brother but at half the size.

              Have something you need to track? Turn on breadcrumb mode, and track it anywhere in the world.

                #11 Insta 360 One X

                For the travelling creative who's always trying to capture the adventure in new ways.

                The Insta 360 cam had been my new favorite camera. With spherical capture and AMAZING stabilization, I never miss the shot.

                With a workflow that allows me to film everything and choose my shot later, this camera has opened up a whole new world of content creation.

                  #12 JBL Clip Gen 3

                  On my last trip I met a few travelers carrying portable speakers and I was very jealous. All moments are just better with music and a phone speaker doesn't always cut it.

                  I've done a lot of research and the convenience of the JBL clip is king.

                  It's small but powerful. It's waterproof but not clunky. And the clip allows you to place this thing anywhere you need it.

                    #13 Quality USB Cables

                    Not all usb cables are created equal.
                    The techy traveler will greatly appreciate having a set of cables he or she can rely on. Something that won't break down, and will offer the fastest charging speeds and transfer rates.

                    Check the link below to see my recommendations.

                      #14 Amazon Kindle

                      I've tried doing the kindle app on my phone, but it's not the same. Books are too heavy. The kindle still comes with me on my trips.

                      If you're traveler is a reader, the kindle is a must.

                        #15 SPF Shirt

                        Ably can do many many things, but I still like to have one good SPF shirt in my kit for water activities like surfing and diving. A rash guard is a great option and every big surf name has a great selection.

                        If you prefer something a little looser fitting, these Baleaf shirts are a great option.

                          #16 Lens Pen

                          The secret between ok shots and great shots is often a clean lens. When I started cleaning my camera lenses every time I went out, I saw an immediate jump in quality.

                          An entire cleaning lab isn't needed. Just having a lens pen covers 99% of your cleaning needs.

                            #17 Fujifilm Instax LiPlay

                            Call me nostalgic but there is something about thumbing through a stack a photos that Instagram will never replace.
                            The LiPlay is one of the most compact instant cameras on the market. With just the right amount of analog and digital features.

                            I don't always travel with an instant camera, but when I do, I rarely regret it.

                              #18 GoRuck MACV boots

                              These boots are the best technical boot. Traveler's feet will be thankful many times over with these.

                              I would prefer to recommend GoRuck's new cross trainer, but they won't be ready for the holiday season.

                              For those who want the support for long treks, the boot is preferable anyway.

                              At this point I wouldn't consider any other boot out there. These boots are rugged enough for any adventure, yet subtle enough to fit in where most boots do not.

                                #19 Matador Transit30 2.0

                                Sometimes it's nice to have a spare bag for runs to the market, beach, laundromat, etc. My bag of choice is the transit 30. It packs up small...really really small...

                                When I need it, it's there, when I don't want it, it's out of sight.

                                  #20 Mavic Mini

                                  Just released, this camera drone is on many wish lists and for good reason. This drone can go where many other's can not.

                                  Not because of it's tech, but because of it's size. Legally this drone has a lot more versatility.

                                  Even if your tech traveler has another drone, this is a highly sought after companion.


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