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Vegans Are About To Get Their Meat Too. Will You Switch?



Real Meat. 

Real Protein.  Real Fat.

Test tube meat is rapidly approaching the point where you could start seeing it on your plate in the next year or two.

In This video produced by The Wall Street Journal, certain countries could see lab grown meat on the menu before the new year.

Will test tube meat replace traditional meat form slaughter houses?  It probably won’t for a long time, but even a marginal displacement could have major environmental impacts on the planet. In a good way.

Ranching and farming on the scale we see it today has resulted in a multitude of ecological challenges including run off, and methane production.

As lab grown meat grows in popularity, farm land could transition into other uses. Think private park land, ecotourism, etc.

Regardless of the ethical questions, there is also the financial opportunities as lab grown meat predicts the cost to grow their product will be significantly less expensive than traditional means.

All in all we are living in an exciting time where ethical living is not just an idea.  It is becoming both a possibility and a financially favorable activity.

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