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Want To Learn How To Surf? Watch This Channel.

Surfing has become my new favorite sport.  

I committed two months of my trip in Asia to learning.

Before arriving in Bali, I’d never stood up on a board, but by the end of my two months I was feeling very confident on a long board.

Since my trip I have been causally watching surf videos on YouTube.

I stumbled on this little channel called How To Rip, and I am loving the quality of their content.

I wish I found it before getting to Bali, but there is plenty of content for all levels.

Ryan and Kale give some really great advice for the beginner and intermediate surfer.

If you’re thinking about a surfing adventure in the upcoming future, you should definitely be following their channel.

These guys are fantastic instructors.

Who knows how talented the instructors will be where you’re going.

Going into a surf trip with their knowledge is going to make your growth that much faster.

I’ve added some of their videos below to give you an idea of the quality of their content.

Check it out.


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