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Why Next Time I Travel For Fun I'll Bring Business Cards

Our opponents pleaded for us to finish our turn.

I hate being those guys everyone is always waiting on to keep up the rate of play in a game of beer pong, but I was having one of the best conversations of my life.

I met my team mate seconds before we started this game, and within minutes we discovered a number of common interests.

We both were fascinated with health hacking, solopreneurship, and adventure sports.

I often struggle to find people with similar interests, so it was tough to not get distracted.

We tried to challenge each other’s knowledge on various topics between rounds.

The occasional brain buster meant focusing on the topic at hand rather than on the next shot into a solo cup half filled with beer.

I don’t remember exactly how that game went, but I am pretty sure we lost of forfeited.

I grabbed another round of beer for my new friend and we sat down to continue our conversation.

This was looking like the start of a beautiful bromance.

We discussed the works of Tim Ferriss, various documentaries and movies, and our predictions for the future.

Every time I thought I reached a topic beyond his knowledge, I was wrong,It was almost like talking to a mirror image of myself save for a few competing opinions that were much welcomed.

I was having a blast, but those beers finally worked their way to my bladder.

I excused myself and made my way to the bathroom.

I was shocked upon my return to find my new friend with backpack on heading for the exit of our hostel.

“Hey! Where are you going?”

He told me he his taxi was hear to take him to the bus station.

I wanted to grab his information, but he left in such a hurry I didn’t get a chance.

By the time I found something to write on, his shadow had disappeared into the back of a taxi.

Next time I’ll be prepared.

Social Business Cards

I’ve run in to this issue more than once.

It’s not uncommon for people to suddenly depart from a bar, hostel, or tour while travelling.

As much as you might enjoy their company people often have to balance other itineraries, especially if they are travelling with others.

As easy as it may seem to swap Facebook and Instagram accounts, there is always the situation where phones are out of site as well as anything to write with.

I’ve lost several new friends into the either this way.

Before my next trip, I plan to create personal business cards with my Instagram handle and Facebook url on them.

90% of the time I won’t need them, but for the fleeting moments when I do, I’ll have a few stashed away in a pocket to hand out.

It sounds strange to carry business cards on a pleasure trip for most millennials, but I now realize the opportunity cost of not having them.

They don’t need to be anything fancy.

I’ll probably even just hand write them myself.

Most business card printers have minimums in the hundreds.

It would take ten lifetimes of travel for me to get through all of those.

Honestly I’d probably need a dozen or less on large trip.

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