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Will The Yeti Lid Fit Other Tumbler Mugs?

Yes, the Yeti lids will fit other tumblers.  Perhaps my favorite yeti product is their Magslider lids.  If you have another tumbler of the same size and shape, like the Rtic or Ozark Trail 30oz tumbler, the Yeti large Magslider lid will fit.  This is a great way to take advantage of Yeti’s best features without having to buy the expensive mug.

How tight is the fit with other tumbler?

The fit is equal to or better than normal.  I am able to pick up my Ozark Trail tumbler by the lid and shake it when it’s half full.  The lid does not come off.  If you hold the tumbler upside down with the lid closed, it will hold back most of the water with only an occasional drip.  So by my account this lid is spillproof.  

What makes the Magslider lid so great?

The Magslider lid is awesome because you can open and close it with one hand.  The magnetic slider has a very satisfying snap open and snap close.  Seriously you can play with that thing all day.  The slider mechanism is magnetically attached.  It’s plenty strong enough that it won’t just fall off, but you can pull off when you want to clean your lid.  And yes, the Yeti Magslider lid is dishwasher safe.  Seriously for just a piece of plastic and a magnet, this is one of the most satisfying purchases I’ve ever made.

Just how good is this hack?

This actually worked so well, that I’ve bought several Yeti lids.  We have a lot of these 30oz tumblers for going out on the boat, taking to work, etc.  Every holiday I seem to inherit more, and now I am refitting all of them with Magslider lids.

Where can I get the Magslider lid?

You can purchase the lid directly from Yeti’s website, in store like REI, or even Amazon.  The lid sells for $10.  When combined with an Ozark Trail tumbler, which I’ve found on sale for less than $3, you effectively get a $13 Yeti Rambler.  That’s a lot cheaper than an actual Yeti 30oz Rambler which would set you back $35.

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