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Will This Kill The GorillaPod For Travel Vlogging?


The Gorillapod by Joby has been somewhat synonymous with travel vlogging for years.  

It wasn’t long ago the Gorillapod was the new innovative product, but time moves forward and innovation takes over.

It is an extremely versatile tool for setting up a camera nearly anywhere on anything.

It also has faced a great deal of rhetoric.

A number of professional vloggers have bashed the Gorillapod for being unstable when the ball joints wear out, other people have complained about it being cumbersome and annoying to reshape all the time.

There is a new device in the works that hopes to dethrone the Gorillapod.

It’s called the Switchpod and Peter McKinnon seems to be a big fan of it.

The Switchpod is being produced by Pat Flynn.

Yeah the same Pat Flynn who hosts one of the largest podcasts in the world, Smart Passive Income.

As far as my take on it…

I think it’s actually a really innovative product that solves just about all the instability issues of the Gorillapod.

There are some situations where I could be frustrated with the lack of flexibility compared to a Gorillapod.

#1 Mounting my camera to poles, fences, and trees

It simply becomes more challenging.

I am not saying it can’t be done.

I think this can be solved easily enough with some velcro tape or maybe even some bungie straps.

#2 Using this device on uneven ground 

Getting a level shot with this tool on uneven ground will easily be solved with a ball head mount.

The Switchpod uses a 1/4-20 mount directly in the device.

This is fantasitc because it means a ball head could be optional.

A Gorillapod’s use of a ball head is mandatory as there is no easy way to run sans ball head… at least not on the models I have owned.

See it for yourself on their Kickstarter page.

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