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Zac Efron Is A Travel Vlogger?


Everyone should know who Zac Efron is.

He’s the kid from High School Musical.

The guy from the Bay Watch remake.

But now…

He’s the travel vlogger on YouTube.

Zac has decided to make some fun travel content on YouTube between his busy filming schedule.

In these videos the family man version of Zac comes out as he jumps in the camper van with his brother and friends.

There isn’t a whole lot of content on Zac’s channel yet, but hopefully he sticks with it.

Although after seeing him get injured in Park City I’m sure film producers may try to limit how adventurous Zac gets.

Injured actors can lead to expensive delays in production.

Most actors sign agreements not to do anything reckless before and during filming.

That said watching movie stars bomb down ski slopes and do back flips behind a ski boat is great entertainment.

I’m also very jealous of the Efron camper van.

That’s one sweet ride.

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